Why Alexsya

To talk about space means to immediately refer to innovation: be it technological, scientific and human.

The collective imagination is still fascinated by the space age of the last century.


Space has become more accessible, and it is expected to be even  more in the immediate future. Our individual and collective experiences will be increasingly connected to the activities taking place in orbit and even beyond.


The newest business of our time involves space, and we can talk about space economy: an always-larger number of companies are growing and developing thanks to the access to Earth's orbit.

Alexsya enters this business as the first Space Advertising Agency in history.


We have fashioned a new way of understanding space: for us, it is a space aimed at communication, interaction and entertainment. 

We take advantage of the inedited context of space to make our advertising campaigns innovative and unprecedented: intense engagement, high visibility, events and storytellings, up to the tests run in extreme conditions and become pure entertainement.


We want to use Space to communicate the strength of the products to the wider public.

We choose D-Orbit —specialists in space transportation— as technical advisor to help us ship our client’s products into orbit, adding technological innovation to the typical creativity of the advertisement industry


Vincent Venezia

 Founder                                     Turin, June 6th 2019



The first Space Advertising Agency


is a brand distributed by Markets & Strategy Management

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